2024 10th International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (ICACHE 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

2024 10th International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (ICACHE 2024) will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

工程结构/Engineering Structure

· 工程先进技术/Engineering Advanced Technology

· 工程结构与抗震/Engineering Structure and Seismic Resistance

· 高层建筑和大跨度结构/High-rise Building and Large-span Structure

· 建筑结构与桥梁工程/Bridge Engineering;/

· 特殊结构/Special Structure

· 建筑技术/Construction Technology

· 结构的监视与控制/Monitoring and Control of Structure

· 制图与地理信息系统/Cartography and GIS

· 混凝土结构/Concrete Structure

· 施工与控制/Construction and Control

· 检测与改造/Testing and Modification

· 力学分析/Mechanical Analysis

· 隧道及地下结构/Tunnels and Underground Structure

· 结构修复改造和加固/Structural Rehabilitation Renovation and Reinforcement

· 钢结构/Steel Structure

· 材料与构件/Materials and Components

· 岩土工程/Geotechnical Engineering

· 市政工程/Municipal Engineering

· 海岸工程/Coastal Engineering

· 地质工程/Geological Engineering

· 供热、供气/Heating, Gas Supply

· 通风与空调工程/Ventilation and Air Conditioning Works

· 材料质量与控制/Material Quality and Control

· 金属结构/Metal Structure

· 操作与维护/Operation and Maintenance

· 防灾减灾/Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

· 测量工程/Measurement Engineering

· 排水工程/Drainage Engineering

智慧建筑/Intelligent Building

· 预测性维护/Predictive Maintenance

· 融合网络/Converged Networks

· 无线改造/Wireless Retrofit

· 生物识别集成/Biometric Integration

· 计算机管理系统工程/Computer Management System Engineering

· 楼宇设备自控系统工程/Building Equipment Automatic Control System Engineering

· 保安监控及防盗报警系统工程/Security Monitoring and Burglar Alarm System Engineering

· 智能卡系统工程/Smart Card System Engineering

· 通讯系统工程/Communication System Engineering

· 卫星及共用电视系统工程/Satellite and Shared TV System Engineering

· 车库管理系统工程/Garage Management System Engineering

· 综合布线系统工程/Integrated Cabling System Project

· 计算机网络系统及宽带接入、增值服务工程/Computer Network System and Broadband Access, Value-added Services Project

· 广播系统工程/Broadcast System Engineering

· 视频点播系统工程/Video-on-demand System Engineering

· 综合物业管理系统工程/Integrated Property Management System Engineering

· 多媒体会议系统工程/Multimedia Conference System Project

· 大屏幕显示系统工程/Large Screen Display System Project

· 智能灯光、音响控制系统工程/Intelligent Lighting, Sound Control System Engineering

智慧城市/Smart City

· 智能建筑/Intelligent Construction

· 智能交通/Intelligent Transportation

· 智能建筑的风险管理与决策//Risk Management and Decision Making for Intelligent Construction

· 智能楼宇自动化控制系统/Intelligent Building Automation Control System

· 计算力学/Computational Mechanics

· 计算机仿真与CAD/CAE/Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE

· 城市规划与设计/Urban Planning and Design

· 建筑材料/Architecture and Building Materials

· 绿色建材/Green Building Materials

· 生态建筑/Ecological Architecture

· 智慧城市路线图/Smart City Roadmap

· 环境可持续性/Environmental Sustainability

· 智能出行/Smart Travel

· 智能能源网/Smart Energy Network

· 智能城市数据分析/Smart City Data Analysis

· 数据协调,集成和处理/Data Coordination, Integration and Processing

· 智慧城市治理/Smart City Governance

· 智慧城市的软件技术/Software Technology for Smart Cities

· 环境建模与应用/Environmental Modeling and Application

· 可视化城市数据分析/Visual City Data Analysis

· 数据驱动的城市规划与设计/Data-Driven Urban Planning and Design

· 智能城市系统/Smart City System

· 智能交通系统/Smart Transportation System

结构抗震/Structural Seismic Resistance

· 结构抗震设计/Structural Seismic Design

· 地震与地震动/Earthquakes and Ground Motions

· 建筑场地、地基与基础/Building Site, Foundation and Basis

· 结构抗震设计计算原理/Principles of Structural Seismic Design Calculation

· 地震剪力调整及最低地震剪力要求/Seismic Shear Adjustment and Minimum Seismic Shear Requirements

· 混凝土结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Concrete Structure Building

· 砌体结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Masonry Structure Building

· 钢结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Steel Structure Building

· 混凝土结构梁式桥抗震设计/Seismic Design of Concrete Structure Beam Bridge

· 结构减隔震技术/Structural Seismic Isolation Technology

· 结构抗震加固改造设计/Structural Seismic Reinforcement and Transformation Design

· 结构的动力分析/Dynamic Analysis of Structure

· 结构选型与结构布置/Structure Selection and Structure Layout

· 地震作用计算/Earthquake Calculation

· 墙体承载力验算/Wall Bearing Capacity Check

· 重大工程事故分析与防范/Analysis and Prevention of Major Engineering Accidents

· 公路、桥梁、隧道抗震加固改造/Roads, Bridges, and Tunnels Seismic Reinforcement Reconstruction

· 结构修复、改造及加固/Structural Repair, Transformation and Reinforcement

监测检测/Monitoring and Testing

· 钢结构应力监测/Steel Structure Stress Monitoring

· 大型施工项目应力变化监测/Stress Change Monitoring for Large Construction Projects

· 结构健康监测/Structural Health Monitoring

· 基坑监测/Foundation Pit Monitoring

· 大体积混凝土浇筑温度监测/Temperature Monitoring for Large Volume Concrete Pouring

· 工程实体结构检测/Engineering Entity Structure Testing

· 工程原材料检测/Engineering Raw Material Testing

· 工程质量鉴定/Engineering Quality Appraisal

· 耐久性评估/Durability Assessment

· 安全性评估/Safety assessment

工程设备/Engineering Facility

· 机械设备/Machinery Facility

· 电气设备/Electrical Facility

· 静置设备/Stationary Facility

· 非标准设备/Non-standard Facility

· 压缩机/Compressor

· 连续传输设备/Continuous Transmission Facility