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2021 7th International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (ICACHE 2021) was held ceremoniously online on August 20, 2021. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars! A total of 82 people attended the conference, including 2 keynote speakers and 15 oral speakers to share academic reports. 


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Keynote Speech 1: Prof. Jianxing Wang, North China University of Technology

Title: Research on the form and mechanical properties of finger beam of wood structure strengthened with carbon fiber reinforced composites


Keynote Speech 2: A. Prof. Hazem Samih Mohamed, Southwest Petroleum University

Title: Rehabilitation of corroded offshore tubular joints with Carbon Fibre Reinforcement Polymers (CFRP) laminates

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Oral Speech 1: Gang Han, Southeast University

Title: Research on integrated planning and design strategy of urban ground and underground space


Oral Speech 2: Zhen Zheng, East China University of Technology

Title: Study on the stability of the high width of backpressure retaining road and soft foundation embankment


Oral Speech 3: Kaiyun Xie, Shanghai Maritime University 

Title: Construction safety assessment of high-piled wharf based on BIM technology


Oral Speech 4: Yongcong He, Shanghai Maritime University

Title: Experimental study on the removal of the chloride ion in sea water via ultra-high lime with aluminum process


Oral Speech 5: Honglin Fan, Shanghai Maritime University

Title: Corrosion behavior of reinforcing bars in cracked reinforced concrete pile before and after CFRP wrapping


Oral Speech 6: Zhichao Fang, Shanghai Maritime University

Title: Durability study of stainless steel rebars in sea water mixing concrete


Oral Speech 7: Jingting Tu, Shanghai Maritime University

Title: Influence of the environmental relative humidity on carbonation behavior of cracked PC, FA and GGBS concretes

Oral Speech 8: Guilong Xu, Chang’an University

Title: Research on Deceleration Lane Length for B-type trumpet Interchange


Oral Speech 9: Guanhong Du, Shenzhen University

Title: Permeability of concrete with recycled aggregate coating treatment


Oral Speech 10: Wenji Li, Shenzhen University

Title: Simulation of microcapsule stirring using accelerated discrete element method


Oral Speech 11: Shaocong Chen, Shenzhen University

Title: Effect of lightweight aggregate, mineral additives and super absorbent polymer on concrete self-healing efficiency


Oral Speech 12: Shengye Xu, Shenzhen University 

Title: Effect of seawater on the workability, adsorption, dispersion and compressive strength of cementitious materials incorporated with polycarboxylate superplasticiser


Oral Speech 13: Pengfei Ma, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Title: In-plane cyclic performance of damaged spandrel walls retrofitted with grout-injected ferrocement overlay technology


Oral Speech 14Ying Li, Zhejiang Ocean University

Title: Numerical simulation of flood control and drainage and water environment improvement project in Shangyu


Oral Speech 15: Jichao Li, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) 

Title: Construction firefighting robots for fire detection and warning: computer vision and convolutional neural network approach