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2023 9th International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering

第九届建筑、土木与水利工程国际学术会议(ICACHE 2023)


2023 9th International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (ICACHE 2023) has been held on October 14, 2023 online. ICACHE 2023 is hosted by China University of Petroleum(East China)and organized by College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering, China University of Petroleum(East China) and supported by China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Central South University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Southeast University, Eshragh Institute of Higher Education, Shandong Chambroad Holding Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Times Design Co., Ltd.. ICACHE 2023 includes 6 keynote speakers and 15 oral speakers to share academic reports. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars!

第九届建筑、土木与水利工程国际学术会议(ICACHE 2023)已于2023年10月14日召开线上会议。会议由中国石油大学(华东)主办,中国石油大学(华东)储运与建筑工程学院承办,中国矿业大学(北京)、山东科技大学、中山大学、中南大学、福建农林大学、东南大学、埃什拉高等教育学院、山东京博控股集团有限公司、青岛时代建筑设计院等高校、科研院所提供会议支持。会议包括4位主讲嘉宾及7位口头报告学者的学术分享。感谢参与及听取报告的各位学者!

Group Photo/大合照


Keynote Speeches/主旨报告 

Prof. Junwen Zhang, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)



题目:Deep Pressure Relief Principle and Negative Pillar Mining Technology

Prof.  Mohamed A. Ismail, NCUT - Brunel London University, Beijing

Mohamed A. Ismail,教授,NCUT - Brunel London University, Beijing


题目:Recycled Waste Materials in Reinforced Concrete Construction

Prof. Yukun Zhang, Shandong University of Science and Technology



题目:Innovative Concepts for Offshore Photovoltaic Structures

Prof. Yu Zhang, Northeastern University



题目:High-Performance Landslide Surge DEM-SPH Coupled Calculation Method Accelerated by GPU Parallel Computing

Assoc. Prof. Hazem Samih Mohamed, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

Hazem Samih Mohamed,副教授,福建农林大学


题目:Rehabilitation of the offshore tubular joints

Assoc. Prof. Yalin Luan, China University of Petroleum (East China)



题目:Study on mechanism of supercritical CO2 flooding process based on molecular dynamics simulation

Oral Presentations/口头报告 




List of oral Presentation   口头报告名单

Yuzheng Wang, Tsinghua University  王宇铮,清华大学

Yuezhong Lin, Shandong University of Science and Technology   林跃忠,山东科技大学

Zhiqiang Kang, Shenyang Jianzhu University  康智强,沈阳建筑大学

Jian Tang, Guangdong University of Finance & Economics   唐坚,广东财经大学

Jianfeng Dong, Southwest Design and Research Institute Co. Ltd, China Airport Construction Group Corporation   董建锋,民航机场建设集团西南设计研究院有限公司

Yixin Chen, Chongqing Wukang Technology Co., Ltd.  陈熠昕,重庆物康科技有限公司

Siyuan Li, Zhejiang Ocean University   李思源,浙江海洋大学

Lingxue Liu, Xihua University   刘凌雪,西华大学

Wenjing Tong, Deakin University   佟文晶,迪肯大学

Shijia Yu, Xi’an University of Technology   余诗嘉,西安理工大学

Shiwei Lin, Guangxi University   林士为,广西大学

Yuchen Wei, Guangxi University   韦雨晨,广西大学

Gui Huang, Guangxi University   黄贵,广西大学

Zhiwei Niu, Shandong University of Science and Technology   牛志伟,山东科技大学

Among them, five scholars, Yuezhong Lin, Jianfeng Dong, Siyuan Li, Wenjing Tong, and Yuchen Wei won the Excellent Oral Presentation Award.


The conference attracted many experts and scholars from universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad to participate in the conference online. During the conference, the participants carried out a constructive dialogue and discussion around the experts and scholars' reports, achieved positive results in many aspects, and deepened the academic discussion and research exchange in Architectural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering and other fields. 

Academic Exchange Information Center (AEIC) help the conference to be held successfully with practical actions. In the future, AEIC will also continue to uphold the academic service spirit of "professionalism, concentration and focus", take promoting academic prosperity as the starting point and end result, carry out various academic exchange activities, and jointly promote the development of academic research and applied research.