2023 9th International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (ICACHE 2023)

ICACHE 2022 Oral Presentation

Ling Yang, Hebei University of Engineering

Speech Title:Research on the impact of "in-situ modified mining technology" on reservoir safety and environment

Jianqing Tang, Yunnan University of Business Management

Speech Title:Research on the influence of the first step size on the hydraulic characteristics of combined energy dissipation

Wenchao Li, Chang’an University

Speech Title:A ductile fracture model for high-strength structural steels

Zeyu Xie, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Ande College

Speech Title: Research on the blast and impact resistance of FRP panels

Boyu Huang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Speech Title: Developing a Smart City System for Land Use and Sustainable Urban Renewal in Hong Kong